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Cypress Wooden Garden Walkway Portable

Cypress Garden Wood Walkway
Cypress Garden Wood Walkway
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Product Description

* Sale is for 2 sections, each 3' long for a total length of 6'

* Portable Cypress Garden Walkway segments 3' x 16"

* Use anywhere outdoors for safe, dry footing

* Roll up for easy storage, roll out for use

* Curve, or go up and down hilly ground, because they are joined in the center with durable vynl strips

* Use in garage or basement to store items off damp concrete

* Use to protect lawn from wheelbarrow and foot paths

* Great near outdoor spigots, because cypress is naturally resistant to rot and insects

* Made in USA with 99% recycled materials. (The staples are new.)

* Modular 3' sections lets you be the designer