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GB Beekeeping Tool Set

GB Beekeeping Tool Set
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We searched for the best tools for new beekeepers. Bought them in volume. And, in the case of the frame grip we made the best even better. We added in half a pound of easy to light, long smoking raw cotton. And, then priced it at the cost some sell the smoker for alone!

The smoker is 4" x 7" stainless steel with safety shield. The best size for 6 hives or less. Smokes for hours on 2 onces of cotton. Buying a smoker without a safety shield is like buying a car without bumpers.

Our hive tool is 9.5" to give you good leverage. The sharp end is for loosening tops and supers. The curved end is for scraping, and prying frames glued down by propolis.

You won't need the frame grip for the first month or so. But when your bees have had a little time to glue the frames down with propolis, you will be glad you have one on hand. We tried them all, and only had one complaint. They all work on a frame full of brood just fine. But, if it was a deep frame half full of honey, the all metal handles were a pain! So we took the best metal frame grip, wrapped the handles in foam and then tape. Now, it works great and feels fine too.


Pine Entrance Reducer
This pine entrance reducer has two entrance sizes notched into it. You select the size you want by rotating it 90 degrees. The small notch is for winter, the large is for spring and fall. You can also use the small entrance to stop robbing, because it is easier for the guard bees to defend. For summer, you may not need it at all. It is available in lengths for 8-Frame or 10-Frame hives. Can be used with Greenbeehives "IPK" screened bottom board, or standard pine bottom boards.
Raw Cotton
Deluxe Smoker Fuel. 1/2 lb. Raw Cotton.

Lights with a match, and smokes for hours. To use this raw cotton, you just stuff your smoker full and light the top. Puff it a few times before you close the lid, and you're off to your hives.

What I like best about this fuel, is it "seems" to go out when you set your smoker down, but with a few quick puffs it is putting out billowing smoke again! It saves fuel when you aren't using it, and is ready in seconds when you need it! It takes about 2 ounces to fill a 4"x7" smoker, so this bag will last through 4 trips to your hives.

It's easier to light than cotton plugs, and wood pellets; yet stays burning for hours. The wood pellets will burn longer, but are harder to get started. If you need more than a few hours of smoke, go with the pellets. But, if you can inspect your hives in a few hours the raw cotton wins hands down.
Raw Cotton rawcot
Goatskin Beekeeping Gloves
Goatskin Beekeeping Gloves
~Premium soft Goatskin for extra sensitivity
~Mesh vent strip for comfort on hot days
~Keystone thumb for full range of motion
~Weight 4.2-5.2 oz for small to extra large size
~Heavy duty canvas sleeve with elastic gather
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Goatskin Beekeeping Gloves gloves