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Beehive Starter Set Lite

10 Frame  Starter Set Lite
10 Frame Starter Set Lite
Item# SSLite
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Product Description

This is our "starter hive lite". It is a complete beehive ready for bees like our standard hive, but it has 1 Deep and 2 Medium supers for those beekeepers that want a lighter hive to work. We recommend the standard "2 Deep and 1 Medium super" setup for beekeepers that own a snow shovel! The set comes fully assembled, primed and painted with 10 deep frames,and 19 medium frames with plastic wax coated foundation all ready for bees.

In the photo you can see the telescoping top on the left, the entrance reducer in the foreground, the inner cover on the right side and the frame holder with frame on the top right. The R-5 telescoping top has styrofoam sandwiched between 2 layers of plywood to provide 5 times the R factor of a standard wood top. This not only reduces heat loss in Winter, but also keeps the hive cooler in Summer. Both of these facts mean more honey for you!

Last and most importantly, is the IPK screened bottom board. It gives you a powerful weapon against pests that can weaken a hive or even destroy it. It will virtually eliminate Small Hive Beetles, and reduces the Varroa mite population when used properly.