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Raw Cotton Smoker Fuel

Raw Cotton
Raw Cotton
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Product Description

Deluxe Smoker Fuel. 1/2 lb. Raw Cotton.

Lights with a match, and smokes for hours. To use this raw cotton, you just stuff your smoker full and light the top. Puff it a few times before you close the lid, and you're off to your hives.

What I like best about this fuel, is it "seems" to go out when you set your smoker down, but with a few quick puffs it is putting out billowing smoke again! It saves fuel when you aren't using it, and is ready in seconds when you need it! It takes about 2 ounces to fill a 4"x7" smoker, so this bag will last through 4 trips to your hives.

It's easier to light than cotton plugs, and wood pellets; yet stays burning for hours. The wood pellets will burn longer, but are harder to get started. If you need more than a few hours of smoke, go with the pellets. But, if you can inspect your hives in a few hours the raw cotton wins hands down.