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Inner Cover / Hive Top Feeder

Inner Cover / Hive Top Feeder
Item# ITallwood

Product Description

Inner Cover / Hive Top Feeder
This inner cover is made with tongue and groove construction and premium exterior wood glue. No wood preservatives. Comes assembled and with a notch at the front for ventilation and top bee entrance.

To use as a hive top feeder, turn the cover notch down, put the syrup pail with holes in the top on the center hole upside-down, place a super with no frames on the inner cover and the telescoping cover on that super.

It is much harder for bees to rob this feeder than an entrance feeder because they must go all the way up to the top of the hive. It is also easier to refill this feeder than an inner board feeder because you do not have to remove the inner cover, and there are no bees in this super that protects the bucket because the notch was turned down. It is easier for the bees to feed in cold weather because the warm air from the cluster is rising to the feeder. Also, you can medicate in the syrup without worrying about the sun degrading the medicine.

In the spring, when you are done feeding you remove the pail, add the frames to the super, and move the inner top from under the super to ontop of it. In the fall, you remove the pail and the super, turn the inner top over so the notch is facing up, and place the telescoping cover ontop of it. Be sure the the notch is not blocked by the telescoping top so it can provide ventilation for the hive.