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Varroa mite sugar roll test kit.

Varroa mite count test kit
Varroa mite count test kit
Item# varroa-mite-count-test-kit
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Varroa mite count test kit
This screened jar is marked on the side to indicate how many bees you should test.

1. Find a frame with open and capped brood on it. Check to see that queen is Not on it

2. Shake the bees into a cake pan or large food container.

3.Remove the jar lid and pour the bees into it up to the line on the side. This is about 1/2 cup or 300 bees.

4. Replace the lid and press 2 tablespoons of sugar through the screen.

5. Roll the jar until all the bees are coated, and set it in the shade for 2 minutes.

6. The mites will fall off the bees, and you can shake them and the sugar onto a white bowl or plate.

7. Add some water to dissolve the sugar and make the mites easy to count.

8. Since you used about 300 bees, you can divide the number you count by 3 to get the mites per 100 bees in your hive.

9. You can return the bees in the jar to their hive alive.

10. If you have more than 1 mite per 100 bees you should take action. There are a number of chemicals available, but we prefer a thermal treatment using The Victor, that uses no chemicals and does not hurt the bees. It heats the brood super to 106F for 3 hours which kills the mites on the nurse bees and those capped with the larvae. For more on The Victor click on it on the home page.