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GB Bee Veil

GB Bee Veil
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GB Bee Veil
The GB Bee Veil is made of black "no see um" proof netting. It is cool and easy to see through. It has only one hole for your head, so you can wear it with any hat with a brim. The draw string has a lock bead, like a cowboy hat. We like to wear it with a white cotton turtle neck long sleeve shirt and light colored pants. And, it is Made in America.

When I first got my Tulle Veil, I was happy that it kept out mosquitoes and bees. Then, I found out I wished it kept out "no see ums", or sand flies. I located my bee yard near a stream for fresh water, and got "no see ums" in the deal. If you live within 500 yards of a pond, lake or stream you know what "no see ums" or sand flies are.

Also, I have a favorite straw hat that I could not wear with the Tulle Veil, because my hat has vent holes in the top the veil does not cover.

To stop the no see ums, we selected a finer mesh netting with 600 holes per square inch instead of the standard 225 holes. We then had it sewn with just one hole, so once the draw string is secured comfortably around my neck there is no entrance for the bees. Now, I can wear any hat with a brim.

It is even lighter than the Tulle Veil and folds up to fit neatly in a sandwich bag, which is how we ship it. Weighs less than 2 ounces.


Turtleneck shirt
*100% combed cotton white, very soft and smooth *Pill Resistant *Reinforced shoulder seams *XL,XXL,XXXL - you can't have it too long, because you don't want to show any skin when bending over. We wear this with a light pair of jeans, our veil, and goatskin gloves. Offers great protection and cool working conditions.
Turtleneck shirt shirt
This item is currently out of stock!