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GB Beekeeping Shirt

GB Beekeeping Shirt
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Product Description

This is an all cotton turtleneck long sleeve tee. It is cool in hot weather and absorbs sweat. The high turtleneck is perfect for bee veils. We tuck this shirt into a light pair of jeans and have a comfortable and durable beekeeping outfit. Just add gloves and a veil.

The only problem we ran into with cotton is that it shrinks in even cold water, so this is an XL TALL. We do not have small sizes. It fits large and tall people best. The model is 6' 4" and 240 pounds. And, the shirt he is modeling has been washed in cold water twice to show how it will look after a few washings. It would shrink a little more in hot water, but will never be just a "Large". I love the fact that there is plenty of material to tuck in my jeans!

Small people can find lots of shirts. This is for the Big and Tall crowd!