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8 Frame Backyard Beekeeping Set

8 Frame Backyard Beekeeping Set
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Product Description

The 8 Frame Backyard Beekeeper Starter Set is for the hobbiest that wants a beehive for pollinating the garden and honey for their own personal use without the weight of the standard 10 frame Langstroth hive. It includes 3 Medium 8 frame supers (19 7/8" x 13 3/4" x 6 5/8"), our IPK screened bottom board with Small Hive Beetle trap, 24 frames with wax coated plastic foundation, a frame perch, a cypress entrance reducer, all wood inner cover with notch for top ventilation, and a telescoping top with aluminum cap.

The supers are cypress, glued with premium waterproof glue, clamped to square, and screwed with galvanized screws the GreenBeehives way. The handles on each side are under cut for sure gripping. Then we prime and paint the super with a premium mildew resistant exterior paint to extend their life even further. You can paint over white if you want, but be sure your paint is "mildew resistant" too, so it looks as nice next year as it does this year.

The telescoping top is painted, and then capped with aluminum for extra weather proofing. The inner cover is wood with tongue and groove construction to make it more rigid. There is a notch in the front center to allow for ventilation and to provide an upper bee entrance.

The frame perch shown on the top right of the two composit photos gives you a place to hang the frame you have inspected without crushing any bees or getting it dirty from the ground. After you have placed the first frame in the perch, you can place each subsequant frame you inspect in the empty space ajacent to it. Once, you have inspected them all you "bull doze" them back to their original location and replace the frame from the perch. Remove the frame perch, and close the hive!

The entrance reducer in the foreground has a notch on one side for Winter, or robbing control; and a bigger notch on another side for Spring or Fall. During the Summer months, you can place it on the inner cover just under the telescoping top for increased ventilation!

We saved the best for last. The screened bottom board would be great on its own, but by adding an aluminum tray that slides in from the back you can add cooking or mineral oil to the tray. Any Small Hive Beetles, Varroa mites, or ants that fall into the tray are killed without the use of any poisons. This is what we mean by GreenBeehives! Less poisons means healthier bees.

We could ship you all of the pieces and save on the shipping costs. The added bulk of the fully assembled sets increases our cost, but we remember what our first super, inner cover, telescoping top, ... looked like; we wanted you to get the quality we can make NOW after years of practice. You also save alot of time and expense over assembling your own. Just add bees!